After becoming a member of an  MWA (Motorcycling WA)  affiliated club, Eg.Southern Capes Motorcycle Club, riders can then apply for a MWA Licence: 

National Senior,

Senior Recreational,

National Junior, or

Mini Recreational

These licenses are valid for 12 months from date of issue.

Another option is to purchase a "One Event Licence" at the club on the day of the event. This is economical if you wish to ride less than 5 times per 12 month period. With 5 or more rides a year, an annual licence is better value for money.

Under 7's (Nippers) can only apply for a Mini Recreational Licence. This enables them to ride on our track in a non-competitive class or practice, only for under 7's.

Ages 7 to under 16 that don't want to race, but still ride in a non-competitive class or practice, can purchase a Mini Recreational License from  MWA.

Ages 7 and over that wish to race may apply for a Junior National Licence.

The first step in applying for a Junior National Licence is to obtain a Kickstart Book from either the club or MWA. This book contains all the information required regarding coaching and riding logs required to gain a Junior National Licence. After meeting the requirements of the Kickstart Bookend having an accredited coach sign it off, you then go online at  Motorcycling Western Australia   and apply for the Junior National Licence. You will be required to send in the Kickstart Book and coaching documents to MWA . They will then issue a licence and a log book. The log book is then endorsed by a coach each time the rider upgrades to a larger size bike.

2019 MWA licences are now only available to complete online at If you are having any trouble completing the application , please don't hesitate to contact MWA.

This can be a daunting and complicated process for the newcomer.  If you have any questions at all regarding Rider Licensing, please do not hesitate to contact Motorcycling Western Australia with your questions.