All the info you need on memberships


SENIOR       16 Years +                                                  $100.00

JUNIOR        Under 16                                                    $100.00   

FAMILY        Family Membership refers to                      $120.00
                    immediate family only. It includes 1 Senior rider
                    and any number of Junior riders under 16                        

For new competitors to Motocross - the first step is to become a member of a club.

The Southern Capes 2019 Membership Applications are available on the following links.

Online Preferred AND very easy to do

2019 Membership Application Online

Or come down and sign up at one of our race / ride days

If you want access to our track and practice (outside of the usual club events), you will need a "practice key".  You will also need another person to come with you who has done their "Practice Supervisor" course on the MWA website, and preferably hold a current first aid certificate.  This person will be the key holder.  Keys are $120 "per membership year" and are available from the Club Secretary.  The applicant will have to provide proof of being a Practice Supervisor.

More information regarding becoming a practice supervisor can be obtained from the Motorcycling WA Website.